5 Coronavirus Safety Tips to Protect Yourself

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners from across the globe have been trying to keep their homes as clean as possible. Fortunately, you can follow a few simple approaches to keep most of the viruses away from your home. In this article, we are going to talk about a few simple safety tips that may help you achieve this goal.

1. Consider Personal Hygiene

When it comes to staying safe against coronavirus, your first move is to wash your hands as often as you can. According to WHO recommendations, you should wash your hands with water and soap for at least 40 seconds. Alternatively, you can use an alcohol-based solution to rub your hands for half a minute.

It’s important to consider other types of personal hygiene. The idea is to stick to your daily routines like putting on clean clothes and taking daily showers.

2. Disinfect High-Use Surfaces

Also, you should disinfect high-use areas, such as kitchen counters, tables and bathrooms. After a major use, make sure you use a good disinfectant. Ideally, a clean over on major surfaces may help you stay protected against germs.

If you kill time, germs will spread much faster and may infect other people as well. For best results, we suggest that you opt for specific types of disinfectants. Make sure you don’t use cheap products as they won’t work.

3. Wash the Laundry without killing time

“Although we don’t know how the virus survives on fabric, you should make sure you have your clothing washed as soon as you take them off. Once you get back from a crowded area, you should change your clothing. It’s not a good idea to shake your clothing when they are dry. The idea is to prevent the virus from spreading.

4. Know how to handle food better

Although the virus may not spread from food, it does spread when you don’t handle food times properly. So, what you need to do is dispose of food items that you don’t need any more.

Don’t forget to wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds prior to eating your meals. For raw meats, you can try a cutting board and get it cleaned after each use. Also, you should take a look at the expiry date and freeze unused items.

It’s a good idea to transfer your cooked food into some clean plates, and don’t the food while doing so.

5. Empty the Trash Often

Fortunately, trash may be an ideal breeding ground for different types of microorganisms. So, make sure you be careful when it comes to discarding things. Some of these things may be infected and may contaminate your trash can as well.

So, you should empty the trash cans before you hit the bed or you can move them far away from your home. Also, you don’t want to use plastic gloves. Although they can protect your hands, they may spread germs to other users.

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